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Why choose us?!

Best behavior - role models - inspired students - creative practices - abundant science - positive and active learning - disciplined learning environment - interactive activities

Academic advisory team

University professors and experts in all departments (Languages / Computer / Curricula and Teaching Methods) to create a unique and pleasant educational environment

Best way to learn

British curricula, air-conditioned classrooms, with more space and less density and modern theater for presentations and celebrations.

Scientific laboratories

Scientific laboratories equipped at the highest level, in all scientific disciplines: (Languages - Chemistry - Physics - Biology - Computer - UCMAS).

Sports activities

A semi-Olympic swimming pool and another for children, a five-a-side football field, a ballet hall, a gymnastics hall, a squash court, a gym for children, and a gym for adults with international specifications.

Smart National School

Luxury Education

Expert management structure

A distinguished administrative team in all administrative experts to provide high-level services.

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فريق العمل رائع وودود للغاية ورائع مع الأطفال

سارة سمير

والدة أحمد
In an atmosphere of fun, creativity and discipline

An inspiring learning environment

Academic system

British curricula, academic advisory board, expert educators and specialists.

Academic level

A complete school day system to ensure the best academic level for students.

Student activities

We provide educational, sports and entertainment activities during and after the school day

Student life

Within a safe environment, students life-like experiences.


1. What is the state of the seasons in terms of size and density?

All classrooms are equipped with air-conditioning, and the classrooms are characterized by their large size and lack of student density, and they have been provided with interactive smart boards, and other high-quality equipment.

2. When is the application deadline?

Submission starts on May 23rd through the school’s official website, and then a date for the personal interview is scheduled at the school

3. Where is the school located?

Dimo – Almotamyez district