Smart National School

Vision and mission

The School's Vision

Preparing a generation of students at a high level of moral, scientific, and physical elevation, empowered with the twenty-first century skills necessary to face local and global challenges, and capable of self-learning and community interaction.

The School's Mission

The school is responsible for doing the following tasks:
– Providing students with the latest technology tools in the educational environment;
– Enhancing students ’twenty-first century skills;
– Providing a professional and safe learning environment;
– Ensuring equal opportunities for all students and teachers;
– Establishing strong and positive relationships with the local and global community;
– Adopting self-learning and lifelong learning as a way of life for teachers and students;
– Working to create a sustainable environment for professional learning;
– Instilling and developing scientific and practical culture among students;
– Encouraging students to make use of science data and invest it in daily life.