Smart National School


Is the school languages or an international school?

Semi international school, meaning it has an Arabic department, and a languages department.

Will the interest in the Arabic section be as much as your interest in languages?

We assure that all opportunities, services and activities provided by the school are available to all its students in Arabic or languages.

Are the teachers in the two departments highly qualified?

We have a team of highly professional, committed and enthusiastic teachers who are able to provide students with various skills and knowledge in an attractive and interesting way.

Are you interested in the kindergarten part of the school?

Yes, the school has taken care to allocate a safe and shaded garden for outdoor games.

What kind of curricula in the school in general?

The school adheres to the British curricula in kindergarten and elementary school, and there is British supplementary support; To support the Ministry’s curricula in the form of Booklet, student aide and assistant, in English language and maths science in particular.

Do kindergarten curricula achieve all learning skills?

Sure, the curricula achieves Language Arts / Socio-Emotion skills / Numeracy / Creative Visual / Science / Fine and Gross / Motor skills.
High-level British curricula; Issuance of well-established publishing houses such as: Oxford and Cambridge

What are the size and density of the classrooms?

All classrooms are equipped with air-conditioning, and the classrooms are characterized by their large size and lack of student density, and they have been provided with interactive smart boards, and other high-quality equipment.

Does the School have sports fields?

The School has the best sports facilities, including a convertible multi-sports
court,  a football field, a ballet hall, a gymnastics hall, a fully equipped gymnasium, in addition to two swimming pools (a semi-Olympic pool – and a small pool for children).

Are there school buses?

Yes, air-conditioned buses at the highest level of service are equipped with
displays for students and have a tracking system

Is the school administration from Fayoum?

The school administration is from Cairo to confirm the order, and with them distinguished elements of the heads of the basic subjects departments.

Second foreign language What about it?

It is studied at the primary and preparatory levels. A students chooses one of two foreign languages (German or French).

If I used to have a job (a teacher, principal or an employee), can I join the School?

Yes, you can. You will be contacted for an interview with the School’s Recruitment Committee

I filled in the School’s Visit Form, how do I know that my child has been accepted into the School?

You will be contacted to attend with your child, and to be interviewed by the School’s Admissions Committee

What is the School admission age?

KG 1: from 4 years old Pre.KG: from 3 years old We comply with the instructions of the Ministry of Education and its rules of admission.

Do you have a sibling discount system?

Yes, we have a 5% discount from second child on.

Are there discounts for the second generation of the School?

Yes, the second generation has a 20% discount on the duration of their studies
at the School (places are limited).